A university is a cluster of colleges forming a higher institution.

Rylecas is a Univercity. City as in a dwelling place where people cultivate their skills and share them.

Rylecoins are the alternative currency used to enroll in courses and exchange for prizes in the Rylecoin store. 

Your time is valuable, therefore you are awarded Rylecoins for your participation including logging in each day, going to pages, enrolling in as well as creating courses. 

You can also receive Rylecoins for donating to Rylecas Univercity

As time goes on we will include additional ways to receive Rylecoins. 

Yes, Rylecas Univercity is currently in Beta, meaning it’s in an early test phase. 

Only a few people are currently invited to participate in the Beta version. This is a good time to learn the system and refine your classes before we officially launch. 

In Rylecas we are introducing the Responsibility Pyramid. Meaning anyone you invite, you become their caretaker and are responsible for showing them around and making sure they abide by the rules. 

Rylecas is a decentralized system on a centralized platform. Meaning all transactions between you and someone else using currency other than Rylecoins will become your responsibility when it comes to the exchange. However you can raise the price of your course to a high amount and then give a coupon to someone who pays you cash money so they can take your course. 

Rylecas is also non-exclusive, meaning the content you create is allowed to be placed on other for profit platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, etc.

Rylecas is about having a safe space to cultivate our unique gifts and share them with the world. Think of it partially as the training wheels of a bicycle.